Sunday, May 29, 2011

Alluring Black Vow Meaning and Explanation

Alluring Black Vow:

In this song, Rin is depicted as a "fallen angel" who is lost on Earth. A beautiful girl, Miku, helps Rin. As soon as Rin sees Miku's eyes, Rin falls in love with Miku. The two start a romantic relationship, even though love between and angel and a human is forbidden. Miku has fallen so much in love with Rin that she forgets that she's engaged. Rin finds out, and flees Miku. Not wanting to loose Miku, Rin makes a deal with the devil, who agrees, as long as Rin gives up her life as an angel and "cuts" off her wings. (So in short, if the plan fails or people find out, the devil will take Rin's life) Meanwhile, on Miku's wedding day, she sees a handsome boy (Len) and falls immediately in love with him. She calls off the wedding and her fiancee and begins a relationship with Len. They are about to get married when Gakupo, who's an angel, shows up and if furious with Miku because he used to love Rin before she fell onto Earth, and he blames Miku for Rin's disappearance and for having a relationship with Rin, so he shoots her. Len finds Miku, who's almost dead. He cries and blames himself for her pain, and decides to sacrifice his own life to save hers. It is then shown that Len is actually Rin, (the devil changed her into boy form so she could be with Miku) but because of her deal with the devil, the two only get a slight exchange before Rin/Len dies. Miku cries for her loss and wishes that they could meet again.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meltdown Meaning and Explanation


The PV of this features a much older Rin, who sings about how if she commits suicide, all of her sins will be gone. A lot of internal conflict is dealt with in this song, and throughout it, a little clock that counts down until "Meltdown" or her suicide. At the end of the video, the clock hits 0:0:00

Evil Trilogy Meanings and Explanations

Daughter of Evil:

Rin is the princess of an evil, starving, treacherous country. Her twin brother Len, is her servant.(It is explained why he is a servant and not royalty in Servant of Evil)

Rin does not feed or take care of problems in her country, and therefore many people hate her, but still bow down to her because they don't have the power to go against her. Now Rin loves this man of blue who lives across the ocean, (Kaito) but the man doesn't love her back, and instead loves a girl from the kingdom of green. (Miku) Rin get extremely jealous and tells Len to destroy the kingdom of green and kill Miku. Len obeys and soon, the kingdom of green is destroyed. Kaito, while grieving over the death of Miku, asks the swords women of red, (Meiko) to help kill Rin. Soon Meiko has all of the townspeople trying to kill Rin. Meiko catches her, and locks her up until her execution day. Right before she dies, Rin's last words are: "Oh! It's snack time!" Then she is killed. The question is- Did Rin actually die?

Servant of Evil:

This song is Daughter of Evil from Len's point of view. It is told that Len and Rin used to play together a lot when they were little. Then for "selfish adult reasons" they made Rin princess, and abandoned Len, who chose to stay at the palace, but be a servant, just so he could stay with his sister. One day, Len is walking and sees Miku with Kaito. Len immediately falls in love with her. After Rin gets jealous about Kaito loving Miku, she tells Len to kill Miku and burn down her kingdom. Len, willing to do anything for his sister, obliges. Heartbroken but dutiful, he kills Miku by his own hand, and lets the Kingdom of Green burn down to ashes. Soon after, when everyone is coming to kill Rin, Len, wanting his siter to live and to "keep on smiling" switches clothes with Rin, and because they are twins, no one notices. So Len pushes Rin out and tells her to run away, while Len is caught and executed.

Message of Regret:

After Len is killed, Rin runs away and stops at a deserted beach, where she writes a wish on a piece of paper and puts it in a bottle. She remembers that she and Len used to do this when they were little, and she also remembered that Len had said that if the bottle didn't break when floating out to sea, her wish would come true.
So, Rin places the bottle in the water and watches it floating away. She has extreme feelings of regret and memories of when the two were little comes back to her. Her wish that was in the bottle says: "If I could be reborn again, I would want to be with you" There are a few variations for the ending though, there's a variation where Rin is reborn and meets her brother again, this time reborn as Vocaloids. There's a varation where she drowns herself, and she's reunited with her brother again, and there's another variation where nothing happens, and she just stares on into the sunset.

There is also another song, not officially in the trilogy:

RE: Birthday

This is Message of Regret from Len's point of view. He says he sees total darkness and soon he sees a light. He watches as he's turned into Vocaloid Kagamine, Len, and sees as Miku is turned into Vocaloid Hatsune, Miku, Kaito turns into Vocaloid Kaito and Meiko is turned into Vocaloid Meiko. Len hears a voice that tells him that today is his new birthday. A bright white light washes over him, and he wakes up to see Vocaloid, Miku, Kaito and Miku, who are all smiling at him. Then he sees Vocaloid Kagamine, Rin, who smiles at him. Len smiles back and tears up a bit.